Career Counselling

     We at The accelerator provide assistance with deciding what strengths and talents can be developed into a solid career.  You will also be able to determine what weaknesses you may have so that you can avoid working towards a career that will only lead to frustration. Having this information ahead of time can be invaluable when choosing what career path to take.

     A large part of our service is to guide you through the process of goal setting in your career endeavours. We can help you identify the steps needed to reach important goals along the way as you explore new career options, you may be amazed at the full range of career options available today. While this may be positive, it can also be overwhelming. We assist you with focusing on one area of a career path that works best for you so that you save time and efforts by working on realistic career goals that are right for you.

     Unfortunately, not many students are able to discover their potentials and interests at the stage and this is when pressure starts building. Our counselling leads to clarity of thought in a student, helps to identify interests, pick the appropriate subjects, and finally, make the choice of the right career keeping the market in mind is necessary, in addition to this selecting the right education institution which is equally important.

     It is also likely that a student has decided on a particular career, but is not sure of how to qualify for it academically. We help to put things in proper perspective.  The student chooses the right higher education for the chosen career, and likewise, is able to land safely on the career track, due the interest, motivational factors and the chosen stream of education.

     Lack of information on the will let the individual or student abandon his talent and intellect. Equal importance is given for counselling on values, morals and ethics too.