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Aruna Limboo is the daughter of a carpenter and a hard-working mother. She hails from a small village named Bermiok located in West Sikkim. She learnt from a very young age that one doesn’t get everything one wants, one needs to work hard to achieve it.

She has been getting the Chief Minister’s State Scholarship since 2011 when she was just in 6th grade. Being an industrious student, she knew that only education can give her a good life. After scoring 88% in 10th grade, she opted for arts stream in spite of objection from the people around her. She aced in 12th grade as well, with 92.45%, making her a state topper. We speak to the hardworking topper about her life and future.

How did you feel when you were declared as the state topper from Humanities stream?

I wanted to score above 95%. Although, I couldn’t meet my expectation, overall, I’m satisfied with the results.

We are sure your family must be extremely proud of your achievements, especially getting 100 marks in political science.

I could not have done this without my family support and my very encouraging teachers. They were all extremely happy and proud.

After scoring 88% in Class 10th, most of the students opt for science stream but you opted for arts, what was the reason behind it?

I opted for Humanities because I wanted to set an example that I could do well regardless of the stream I choose. I had developed an interest in history and geography.

How was the transition period coming from a government school to one of the finest schools in the capital?

Initially, since I came from a different background, it was a little difficult but now I have made some good friends, and also my supportive teachers have made it easy. I used to miss home and my parents a lot, but eventually, I started to get involved in a lot of school activities which made me feel less homesick.

What was your preparation schedule like? Our young readers can learn a lot from you.

Focus is the key. I dedicated about 8 to 13 hours every day and was alert in the class so that I don’t miss out on any important pointers from my teachers. I revised the same day, that’s why extra coaching was never really required. To relax my mind, I played football every day. I urge everyone to play one sport, you tend to lead a more disciplined life and it also helps improve concentration.

Now the most crucial question, what are your plans for the future?

I will be applying for a simple graduation from Delhi University, so I can prepare for UPSC examination simultaneously. I will try my best to clear but if not, I would love to be a professor one day.

Any last words or advice for our new generation?

The world is not a wish-granting factory. We have to work hard if we want to be successful. And remember that it’s important to have a balance between academics and health.


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