Students who signed up for the Accelerator Excursion were given the opportunity to travel to Dehradun, where they got to experience all that the city has to offer. Not only that, but they also got to experience campus life at the reputed Graphic Era Hill University.

Established on 28th April 2011 by an act of the Uttarakhand State under the agency of Graphic Era educational Society (GEES), Graphic Era Hill University is a state-of-the-art University with an aim to impart quality technical and professional education in Uttarakhand. It has two campuses, located in Dehradun and Bhimtal. Prof Kamal Ghanshala is the founder of the Graphic Era Group and the president of Graphic Era. The university offers a wide range of courses in its various faculties such as Engineering and Technology, Management, Computer Application, Architecture & Planning Human­ities and Social Sciences and Allied Sciences. They offer more than 21 under-graduate post-graduate and doctoral courses.

Here are some experiences shared by students who were able to attend the Graphic Era Hill University’s 3-day annual event GRAFEST 2k18 where Armaan Malik, Major Lazer and Zadean performed.

‘Dehradun, the very first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the city is the calmness and how the city’s climate embraced me with a feeling of serenity. Being an intern at ‘The Accelerator’, I was officially invited to Graphic Era University to witness their marvellous college fest. The college was well estab­lished with three different campuses and provided a plethora of courses. It was a great experience.’

Bishal Bardewa, Tashi Namgyal Academy

‘Graphic Era University located at Dehradun is a private university with over 15,000 students. This was an educational trip, where we were escorted by our seniors from ‘The Accelerator’, which is an academy and a magazine. We started on the 6th of May and reached Dehradun on the evening of 8th May. We were received by the Graphic Era faculty members at the bus station.

Once reaching there, the weather seemed to be quite pleasant how­ever, towards the end of the day, it turned out to be quite stormy. We were then escorted to the hostel, where the accommodation had been arranged by the faculty members. Luckily we were able to witness the GRAFEST at the Graphic Era Univer­sity, where we enjoyed a concert by Armaan Malik

The next day, we were taken for a campus tour led by Mr Sumit, one of the faculty members. Since this was the first time we were visiting a uni­versity, everybody in the group was taken aback by the large campus and great infrastructure. It was a very good experience for all of us since we got a lot of knowledge about the courses we could take for further studies.

Graphic Era has a good environ­ment, where one can easily fit in. The facilities were great, which means that students can try out different things and excel in whatever they want to do in life.’

Tashi Norbu, Tashi Namgyal Academy

‘On 6th of May, after our NEET examination, we left for Dehradun. We reached by 8th evening and luckily we could attend the GRAFEST event. The concert by Armaan Malik was probably our first concert, and even though we were tired from the journey, we made the most of it.

Next day, we had the campus tour where we were escorted by faculty members. Even though we couldn’t visit all the departments, we visited all the ones that we could. During our counselling session, we had a good talk with one of the pro­fessor named Amar Joshi. On the 3rd day, we went to Mussoorie followed by Delhi.

The trip would not possible with­out the coordination of our very own Pragya ma’am, Bhupendra sir and the faculty of Graphic Era.’

Vaisnavi Gurung, Tadong Sr. Secondary School

‘We started our journey on 6th of May and reached Dehradun by 8th of May. Soon after we reached there, we were escorted by the faculty members. Luckily, we could attend the ‘GRAFEST’ where Bollywood playback singer Armaan Malik was entertaining the crowd.

We stayed in the hostel named under ‘Sardar Bhagat Singh’. Hostel rooms and corridors were very clean. Rooms had attached bathrooms and a balcony. There were rooms enough for two and three students. We had a snack at the university canteen which was pretty good, and we had our dinner at the hostel refectory itself. No complaints about the food.

Next day i.e. on 9th, we had a campus visit. We visited all the possible labs we could and later we had a counselling session. After our counselling session, I was a lot clearer about the industry integrated courses, specifically CSE. I was also informed that after the first semes­ter, we are to choose a specializa­tion i.e. either cloud computing or big data analysis and AI which was something we had never heard of and something that sounded interesting. This was our first official campus visit to a university and it helped us a lot.

Overall, it was a good experience. Thanks to ‘The Accelerator’ for let­ting us have this opportunity.’

Sheetal Rai, Holy Cross

‘The educational excursion to Graphic Era University was a very good opportunity for me and all the participants. This was the first time that we officially visited a univer­sity. On the very first day, we were overwhelmed by ‘THE GRAFEST’, and the following day, we had a campus tour and counselling sessions. I got an idea as to what course to pursue in near future. We were explained about the placements in detail, which was a better insight into the course.

The trip other than university tour was also fun. We had a good time, made new friends and it was like a relaxing getaway before the results.’

Dikshya Sharma, Palzor Namg­yal Girls School



  • Spacious classrooms
  • State of the art laboratories
  • Hi-tech computer labs with internet facility
  • Well stocked library
  • Conference hall and workshops
  • Best sports facilities
  • Medical facility with doctor on call anytime
  • Transport, banking and photocopy facility in the campus
  • Separate hostel for boys and girls with capacity of 1500 students


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