Travelling is the best way to learn and have new experiences. Last year, we had explored Rajasthan and this time, we wanted to expose the students to the culture and traditions of Punjab and Himachal.

We started our journey on 28th June, and reached Chandigarh the next day. Our host for this year’s excursion was the Rayat Bahra University. A prestigious university, the Rayat Bahra University has seven campuses all over north India. Spreading across 60 acres, RB University has set a benchmark by developing intrinsic human abilities in students and providing skilled human resource for the job market which would eventually contribute to the growth and progress of the society.

Rayat Bahra University has won many laurels. They had won the prestigious award of ‘University of the Year-2015’ by Higher Education Review for Industry Interactions for enhancing employability through industrial collaborations. Rayat- Bahra Group has also been awarded by Dr Shashi Tharoor for Establishing Collaboration with Industry at National Entrepreneurs Awards. In addition to that, the Group has been bestowed with ‘Most Effective Public Awareness Campaign Award’ and ‘Overall Runner-Up Champions Award’ by NEN. The Rayat & Bahra Institute of Hotel Management has been ranked the 7th Best Institute of Excellence in India. Besides these, University School of Engineering & Technology has been ranked 21st by the Business & Economy, and ranked 12th most promising Engineering College in India by 4P’s Business & Marketing Magazine.

There would be no better place to showcase our students a new-age university to learn about all the new facilities and programmes that they are not exposed to. The first night, there was a cultural dance for the students which they enjoyed very much. From day one, the students were exposed to the warm and generosity of Punjabi hospitality. After a hearty dinner, the students decided to get a good night’s sleep.

Next morning, the students took a round of the whole campus. They saw all the different departments and the facilities. They also got an insight on a curriculum with an industry focus, delivery focus on learning with engineering and the involvement of students. They also understood how domain skill, soft skill, and industry interface was part of the curriculum, also the focus on entrepreneurship skill development with international exposure.

After spending a whole day in the University, it was time to explore the city. The first stop was the famous Rock Garden followed by a visit to Sukhnalake. Of course, shopping in Sector 17 was the highlight of the evening. The special dinner organized by the hotel management students with Dr Pradeep Prem Sir, HOD, was a memorable one.

Following day, we travelled to the famous hill station Shimla located only 4 hours away. We were staying at Rayat Bahra University. After reaching the campus, the University students greeted us with a warm welcome and performed the Garhwali dance which was very enjoyable. We were overwhelmed by their hospitality. The first night ended with lots of smiles and fond memories.

Next morning, the students went for sightseeing around Shimla. The students were happy shopping in mall road, and feasting on fresh and juicy cherries and peaches. Although it had been a fun couple of days, it was time to return home. On 4th of July, we boarded our train from Delhi and reached NJP the next day. The students were sad that the trip had come to an end but they made some wonderful new friends and memories that they would keep with them forever.

The Accelerator team would like to thank Pro Vice Chancellor Dr Sandeep Kaura. We are grateful that you could take out some time to interact and encourage our young minds. We also thank Dr Pradeep Prem for delighting our taste buds with the most amazing cuisine. We would also like to thank Mr Deepak and Mr Prashant for arranging everything with such precision and making our stay that much more memorable.

Students Share Their Experiences

First of all, I would like to thank sir Bhupendra Gurung and ma’am Pragya Satpathy for letting us become a part of your team. I had a great time. The trip was filled with so many memorable moments. We got to explore and visited so many places. The group was full of energy. And the hospitality extended to us by our host Rayat Bahra University was nothing short of amazing. The DJ party was awesome. As for the best moment, it’s very hard to select as every moment spent on that trip was awesome. But I would say that getting new friends was the best part. And the saddest part was when we had to come back.After that trip, we also got the chance to be the part of The Accelerator’s new project called “Project Future Jobs & Prospects”. And I was really honoured to join this project. We also got the privilege to meet our honourable Governor Shri Niwas Patil. I’m really thankful to Sir and Ma’am for all they have done for us. The Accelerator is not just the name of a magazine. It’s like family. I’m going to miss you all. Stay blessed. I will always pray for you guys.

Keshor Chettri

The excursion to Chandigarh and Shimla was awesome. I felt so strong and became confident enough to face the outside world. Before, I always used to be inside my own little cocoon but this trip changed my life. I came to know about the difficulties, the atmosphere, the lovely people and their culture. I thank The Accelerator team for their support and guidance. Without you all, I would be helpless. Thank you Pragya ma’am and Bhupendra sir.

Divya Poudyal

The trip to Chandigarh and Shimla is indescribable and words cannot be expressed on how beautiful it was. When the day of excursion came, Pinki and I were super excited. We came 3 hours early fearing that we will miss the train. Every single day during this trip, from putting on the turbans in the train before reaching Chandigarh to shouting our lungs out in the hills of Shimla, everything was just so beautiful. One really has to be blessed to experience what we did. The knowledge and exposure we got from this trip was something we could have never got from anywhere else.

A new rush of fresh thoughts and fresh ideas came to my mind during this trip. It was so amazing to experience the unbreakable friendships we formed during this trip. Thank you Accelerator, Bhupendra sir, and Pragya ma’am, without you both, this trip would have never been successful. Thank you very much for encouraging all of us and letting us know the potential we posses. We love you all!

Pema Dechen Bhutia

It gives me immense pleasure to share my experience regarding the excursion. To start with, I cannot remain without giving thanks to “The Accelerator” which being a magazine proved to be a family for me. No doubt, the medium to join the family was the excursion about which I came to know at the peak time just days before the excursion began. Chandigarh and Shimla proved to be the best venues. A lot of fun, memorable moments and above that, the exposures we got was tremendous. I personally would like to thank Bhupendra sir and Pragya ma’am for initiating this exposure. It means a lot to students like me. Thanks again!

Manoj Sharma

This trip was a full package of excitement, fun and knowledge. We got lucky. We explored. We learned. We gained. It was the best possible way to utilize our summer after high school. In short, it was some of our best days.

Rajani Neopaney

First of all, I would like to thank Pragya ma’am and Bhupendra sir for this amazing trip. It was my first experience to Chandigarh and Shimla and it was just awesome! I got a chance to experience hostel life, got to know much more about different career fields. This excursion was really very helpful for choosing right career. Beside this, the enjoyment we had is just unforgettable and we made many new friends. This trip helped me come out of my examination stress. Though the trip was only for few days, I am going to cherish it forever. Overall it was awesome and it would not have been successful without the effort of The Accelerator team.

Priyanka Sharma


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