We all like watching drama, and to be honest, we have all pulled all-nighters just to get to the end of a season. If you are looking for some interesting dramas to watch, then you have come to the right place.


It is an old series but believe us when we say that it is worth watching. It is all about Cory Matthews juggles school, friends and romance. It portrays issues that we have all faced and it shows how you can get out of sticky situations just by being honest and genuine. It is really a gem of a series.


If you love music then you are going to love this series. The characters are fantastic singers and during the duration of the series, you are going to hear a lot of amazing cover of hit songs. Some covers may even be better than the originals. Get together with your gal pals and binge watch this wonderful series.


First of all, it does have some explicit content so you need to check with your parents before streaming it. We recommend this series because it helps to understand what it feels like to be bullied and misunderstood in school or college and how that can lead to loneliness. It may help you stand up to your bully or help others stand up to them.


This series is all about the protagonist, Daria, who is sarcastic about everything and anything. What you will love about this series is how honest she is and that it is okay to be yourself. Kudos to the scriptwriter(s) be­cause the dialogues are hilarious and at the same time it is food for thought. We really wish that more dramas like this would pop up.


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