If you are on the lookout for a job that allows you to give back to the community then social work is a great option. It is also one of the most fulfilling career paths available for aspiring students. The best part about this career path is that it allows you to help those who need it the most. Until a few years back, very few opted for careers in social work but that is changing as more and more youngsters are realizing the true potential of being a social worker – the ability to bring about positive change in the society.

In order to succeed as a social worker, you need to have excellent communication skills. You need to be compassionate and should be able to work with different groups of people. Social workers have hectic schedules so you should have good organization skills and must also learn to manage your time well so that you can give enough time to every task you are given.


It can cost anywhere around R 30,000 to R 40,000. However, keep in mind that some private institutes may charge even more.


After completing your degree, you can choose to opt for any of the following career options –

Government Sector

  1. Lecturer/Professor
  2. Director
  3. Research Officer/Researcher
  4. Welfare/Development Officer (like Child/Youth/Women/Labour etc.)
  5. Community Development Officer
  6. Jail Probationary/Welfare Officer
  7. Urban Planners

Non-Governmental Sector

  1. Project Director
  2. Program Director
  3. Program Officer
  4. Program Coordinator
  5. Assistant Coordinator
  6. Program Assistant
  7. Project Officer
  8. Community Mobilizer
  9. Program Manager
  10. Block/District/State/Zonal/Regional Coordinator
  11. Counselor
  12. Social Scientist
  13. Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
  14. Research Officer/Researcher
  15. MIS Coordinator
  16. Area Manager
  17. Fund Raiser
  18. Social Worker
  19. Supervisor
  20. Resource Mobiliser
  21. Training Coordinator
  22. Development Professional
  23. Consultant
  24. Probation Officer
  25. Psychiatric Social Worker
  26. School Social Worker
  27. Sociologist
  28. Vocational Rehabilitation
  29. Counselor


  1. Manager (HR/Personnel/Welfare etc.)
  2. Executive Trainee
  3. Labour Welfare Officer
  4. Personnel Officer

Corporate Sector

  1. Manager
  2. Executive Trainee
  3. Community Development Officer
  4. Social Development Officer
  5. Rural Development Officer
  6. Social Welfare Officer


Pay package for a fresher will be around R 4,000 to 5,000 per month. But then again, your pay would depend on the organization where you choose to work. Corporate houses pay more than government agencies. If you work with NGO’s and Government projects, you can earn a monthly salary of R 8000 to R 10000. Over time, when you gain experience, you can expect higher pay packages. Social work graduates can also opt to join the teaching profession which offers a pay packages in the range of R 7000 to 8000 per month. Also, social workers working for International NGO’s are offered better pay packages.

A career in social work entails working long hours, managing and co-ordinating projects, documentation of studies, report writing and presentation, organizing trainings, workshops, seminars and more. You should have proficiency of the computer and also have good knowledge of community resources. Most importantly you must be dedicated and have a positive work attitude. A career in social work is not suited for those looking only for financial gain. Yes, it does offer good pay packages but your real motivation should be social welfare because only then you will make a good social worker.


Diploma of Social Work – 1-2 years

Bachelor of Social Work – 3 years

Master of Social Work – 2 years

Doctor of Philosophy – 2-5 years

Doctor of Social Work – 2-5 years


Bachelor’s Degree – 50% in 10+2

Masters Degree – 50% in graduation

BEST Institutes

Tata Institute of Social Sciences, TISS

Department of Social Work, University of Delhi

Faculty of Social Sciences. Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi

Madras School of Social Work, Chennai

Reality Byte

Social work is a great course for students like me who want to do something meaningful with their lives. There is so much despair and poverty around us that more young people should take a stand and contribute however they can. For me, I found that becoming a social worker was the best way to do exactly that. Currently, I am still studying and have started applying for internships at local NGO’s so that I can get a feel of what the work entails. I really feel that India needs more social workers because we need to work together to help all the deprived people who cannot help themselves.

Kanika Sethi, Student, Delhi


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