The main issue that most students face in today’s age is the right guidance. There are many colleges and courses to choose from but too many choices can cause confusion. It is important for students to pick the right course and the right college to ensure that they can use their strengths to get ahead in their careers and in life. There have been cases when good students have failed to reach their potential because they picked a course that didn’t play to their strengths or picked a college with a weak faculty. To overcome this challenge, career and education festivals are held all over the country.

In Sikkim, The Accelerator team took charge to steer the youth in the right path by organizing the Sikkim Red Panda Career Festival. A 10-day fest, the main idea was to provide aspiring students with guidance and advice that could help them make the right decisions about higher education. Held in 4 districts across Sikkim to reach out to as many youths as possible, the event was a big success. On Day 1 & 2, the festival was in Gangtok, while on Day 3 it was held in Mangan. On Day 4, it was held at Geyzing. Day 5, the festival shifted to Soreng, and on Day 6 it was at Namchi and Ravangla on Day 7

More than 1800 students across the State took part in the festival. Students who cleared their boards and those who are currently pursuing their 10th or 12th also came for some much-needed counseling.

Various reputed and popular colleges from across the country took part in the festival. The students could learn more about the various courses being offered and also the criteria required for admissions. The students benefitted greatly from the interactions. Apart from courses and admission, the students also got valuable information on scholarships (Central & State), quota/reservation seats, education loans, and competitive entrance test etc.

Education fairs and career festivals are the need of the hour, with the competition getting tougher every year, students in the Northeast need that extra bit of guidance to really climb to the top of the ladder. The Northeast has no dearth of talented and skilled youngsters and so it is important that they make the right decisions early on which will help them carve a better life for themselves and also add to the growth of the society, the State and the region.


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