A kid growing up in the early 2000s, my childhood was spent reading comic books and fairy tales which were preferred over watching TV shows. The Amazing Spiderman, Batman, Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman, Chacha Chaudhary, Adventures of Tintin, etc were way more famous then Sinchan, Ninja Hatori, and Doraemon.

Brand new comic issues were considered as better gifting options for young kids rather than electronic video games. Also since there were few TV serials for children at night, our day used to end with meaningful and interesting bedtime stories narrated by our parents.

Being a comic freak, I always used to remain updated with the latest issues of DC, Marvel and Tinkle comics. Gradually the interest of reading comics changed into a hobby, novels has now taken the place of comic books and fairy tales in my life.

But these days, the culture of reading among the youngsters is gradually decreasing. The only books available at most bookstores are lifestyle magazines and guide books! Gone are the days when every student used to wait for monthly digests like ‘Student Today’ and ‘Wisdom’, now, unfortunately, comic books and fairytales have permanently booked their place at the dusty shelves of dark warehouses.

It is true that youth no longer read which is leading to the declining of the reading culture but then it’s never too late to start and that is exactly why students need to start reading again.

Why Should You Start Reading?

When was the last time you read a book? Is your reading limited to your friend’s Facebook status updates? The importance of reading books is undeniable and there are a lot of benefits. You will find out that looking at mere paragraphs does a lot more than just take you to far-off exotic places; it also stimulates your brain, widens your imagination, and much more.

Five Benefits of Reading Reading Improves Memory

As our body and muscles grow with constant physical exercise, reading does the same with our brain. It has been scientifically proven that reading a book is the best mental exercise. The more you read, the better your ability to memorize.

Reading Promotes Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

As quoted by George J.J Martin, ‘A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.’ Reading a book unlike TV shows gives us freedom to use our imagination. Every reader can picture the whole book according to their own perspective based on their understanding.

Reading Can Reduce Stress

It is a psychologically proven fact that reading can reduce stress. It lowers your heart rate, relaxes your muscles, gives you a new perspective and even generates empathy.

Reading Increases Knowledge

‘There are lot more treasures in a book, than in the pirate’s loot’. Behind every book, there lies constant hard work and research of a writer, and by reading a book, you can go through that research of a writer which will make you knowledgeable.

Reading Improves Vocabulary

The more you read, the more new words will be added to your vocabulary, which will improve your language and oratory skills. Reading books will also give you an idea and skill to practice your writing skills. Remember ‘all readers are not writers but all writers are readers’.

How to Inculcate a Reading Habit?

Inculcating a reading habit is difficult if you feel books are boring. The first thing to kick-start your reading habit is to build up excitement about books. Here some ways which can help you inculcate a reading habit –

  • Borrow a book from the library. Borrowing books from the library is a better option than to buy a book because it comes with a deadline. It is often said that deadlines given by other peoples can be great motivators. So, borrow a book from the library and you will be bound to finish it within the given time.
  • You should choose wisely. Please don’t select a book just because it is a classic bestseller, this is the biggest mistake every beginner makes. Pick a book by a local author that is simple and interesting. Make sure not to pick a book with tough words, because then you will have to keep referring to the dictionary which can divert your attention.
  • Make a point to read every day. Yes! You should read every day and try to finish at least one chapter, if not more. If you skip a day, then your interest on the topic will start to decrease.
  • You should always have a book with you. Read whenever you are free, be it in during off classes, at cafes, bus stands or even when you’re traveling. It will keep you interested in the story.
  • You should read to your friends. You must read the best chapter to your friends, it will help complete your reading assignment but it will also inspire others to read and that is how the culture will grow.

Let us not limit our life to television and the internet, there are a lot more exotic things hidden within the mere pages of a book. Let’s enjoy the efforts of an author, and respect the struggle of a protagonist. Let’s read for a better tomorrow as ‘today’s reader is tomorrow’s leader’.

Happy reading!


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