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A Career in Radio Jockeying


A Radio Jockey’s job is a thrilling one. He/she gets to entertain and interact with a very large audience. Although not as popular as television, radio has its own set of followers. The success of a show depends entirely on how talented the radio jockey is. Apart from compiling playlists, the radio jockey also gets opportunities to meet and interview a wide range of celebrities. If you have a soothing voice, and a witty sense of humour then this career path may be perfect for you. We help you understand what being an RJ entails so that you can decide for yourself whether being an RJ is your true calling –

Scope of Being an RJ

The main goal of the Electrical Engineering program is to prepare candidates to progress in electrical engineering positions in private and government sector. Graduates are generally expected to work in the research and development of ideas, products and processes by applying engineering principles to solve practical problems in the electrical engineering field. There are various leading FM channels and private radio ventures offering interesting job opportunities. RJs can find jobs in AIR (All India Radio) and other independent radio stations. AIR (All India Radio) holds auditions for RJs every 3 months in their radio stations in various cities, especially in metros. RJs can also do voice-overs for television and radio advertisements. They can even lend their voice to audio magazines and documentaries. RJs can also anchor or compere TV shows, live shows or events.

Course Options

  • Certificate Course in Announcing, Broadcasting, Comparing and Dubbing (ABCD)
  • Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying (CRJ)
  • Certificate Course in Radio Production Programme
  • Diploma in Radio Jockeying (DRJ)
  • Diploma in Radio Management
  • Diploma in Radio Programming and Management (DRPM)
  • Diploma in Radio Station Operations and Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Radio Programming and Management (PGDRM)

The New Tr end

Online radio is becoming really famous nowadays. They offer a platform to enjoy music of your choice. Suppose there is a person who is currently residing in a foreign country but wants to enjoy music in his own language, he can easily do it by simply searching for an online radio station from his country. Moreover, you don’t need to pay anything to listen to these online radio stations. All you need is a good internet connection and you are sorted. No matter what you want to listen to, you will have access to different music genres under one roof. The best part is that the shows are hosted by Radio Jockeys (RJ). Online radio stations are growing at a faster pace because of the increasing demand and so you can imagine the many job opportunities that will spring up as a result. There has never been a better time to pursue a career in radio jockeying than right now.


Radio Jockeys are in much demand with the opening of air waves to the private sector. The fresher can earn between R8,000/- to R15,000/- per month. Apart from that, sponsored programs, software companies can pay between R1,400/- to R2,500/- per show. After a few years of experience, the earnings can get doubled, depending on the popularity of the show. Popular and experienced RJs can earn between R15,000/- to R25,000/- per month. Every successful radio jockey has his/her own style of communicating.

To make an impact on the listeners, the radio jockey should be warm, friendly, spontaneous, dynamic, and possess good communication skills apart from having a good voice. One who is interested in this field must keep observing how a RJ handles calls, interacts with listeners, how they answer tricky and awkward questions and comments from the listeners etc. If you are thinking of becoming an RJ, you should make a point to listen to a lot of radio, because this will help you come up with ideas to win over your listeners.

Institute Offering RJ Courses

  • Academy of Radio Management (ARM), Delhi/NCR
  • Aizaz Rizvi College of Journalism & Mass Communication (ARCJMC), Lucknow – Radio Jockeying (RJ)
  • C.I.N.E.M.A (Cosmic Institution of Neo Entertainment, Media &Arts) Delhi/NCR – Radio Jockey (RJ)
  • Center for Research in Art of Film and Television (CRAFT), Delhi/NCR – PG Diploma in Radio Jockey
  • EMDI Institute of Media & Communication, Kolkata – Diploma in Radio Jockeying & Programming (RJ)
  • EMDI Institute of Media & Communication, Mumbai – Diploma in Radio Jockeying & Programming (RJ)
  • EMDI Institute of Media & Communication, Noida – Diploma in Radio Jockeying & Programming (RJ)
  • EMDI Institute of Media & Communication, Pune – Diploma in Radio Jockeying & Programming (RJ)
  • FILM Institute, Delhi/NCR – Television Anchoring /News Reading and Radio Jockeying
  • Futuristix Media Communication Centre (FMCC), Delhi/NCR – Certified Professional Course in Radio Jockeying


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