Last year, The Accelerator team organized the first ever prom party in Sikkim. Although the concept is very popular outside India, the trend is still a new one in India. The word prom is short for promenade, it can traced back to the simple co-ed banquets that 19th century American universities held for each year’s graduating class, a growing teenage culture pushed prom to the rest of the world. The Accelerator team wanted outgoing senior secondary school students to make a memory that they would not forget easily. The main idea was to celebrate the end of school life and give the students a chance to bond with their closest mates before embarking on a new path to adulthood. It was an opportunity for the students to relax and enjoy each other’s company. It is always a good idea for students to take a break from studies and take a breather, so that they do not get overwhelmed and can make sound decisions that will help them shape a better future for themselves. No party can be complete without catchy music, and there were energetic live performances by popular bands like ‘Tribal Rain’ and ‘Block III’. And for those who like to bust out some moves on the dance floor, DJ Dchain spun some killer tracks that had the whole crowd grooving to the beat. That is not all, there was also an amazing dance performance by the young and talented, ‘Music & Motion dance crew’. Students also loved the performance by the famous all girls band ‘Zealous Armour’. The end came to an end by a brilliant performance by the talented illusionist, Shyam Sharma. As is the tradition, the Prom King and Queen were also adjudged. Zigmee Wanchuk Singha was presented with crown and the title of Prom King, and Sonam Choki was crowned as the Prom Queen. Both winners were from Bahai School. Sagar won the Best Dressed title and Thinlay won the Best Dancer title. The event was sponsored by A.P Goyal University, Shimla and Regenesys Business School, Johannesburg SA. This event would not have been successful without our partners Kokkivo Clothing and Sukhim Productions.

Prom Night
Left: Sagar (Best Dressed); Right: Thinlay (Best Dancer)

This is only the beginning, we will be back next year with more killer performances and great prizes, we hope to see you then.


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