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There are many students who are not cut out for conventional careers; they are forever on the lookout for something different and interesting. Such students need to identify their area of interest early on so that they can pursue the relevant courses and get a head start. There are many unconventional courses for today’s students; you need to pick one that plays to your strengths and passions in order to succeed.

Motorsport Management

Formula 1, NASCAR and other racing enterprises are growing in popularity throughout the country. If your pulse quickens at the sound of a revving engine, a career in motorsports management may be right up your alley. Motorsport management sports course offers a wide variety of career opportunities in areas such as marketing, hospitality, track operation, race operations, media and community relations, driver management, sponsor fulfilment, ticket sales, and client services in racing organizations all over the world


If you are a fan of the ‘Kungfu Panda’ or ‘Madagascar’ series, you know all about the magical world of the animation industry. Being an animator is not very different from being an artist, you have to be good at sketching and you need a great deal of imagination. Great scope and handsome pay packages make this a viable career option for youth with a creative bent.

Content Writers

Since digital media is growing every day, content writing is a great option for budding student writers. No matter if you want to write opinion pieces, humour pieces, lifestyle and fashion features or articles on current affairs, you can always find a space or site online where you can contribute on a regular basis.

Children Story Writers

You could just be the next Enid Blyton for all you know; if you have creativity and imagination then you will be able to cook up many interesting stories for children everywhere. Being a story writer is meaningful because through stories you can impart good values that children will remember for a long time to come.

E – Tutor

An e-tutor imparts knowledge through the means of the computer and internet connection. It is very much in demand nowadays because it allows flexible hours for both students and teachers. It also preferred because it pays well and you do not have to leave the comfort of your home.

Food Writers

If you a big foodie and your main motivation to get out of bed every morning is the prospect of having a hearty breakfast, you should consider becoming a food writer. Not only will you get to write about different cuisines, meet well-known chefs but you will also get to review new cafes and restaurants – sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

Jewellery Designer

When you think of design, you automatically think of fashion designing but another interesting career option in the field of designing is jewellery designing. You can truly let your creativity shine through your intricate designs and you also get to work with precious and rare gems.


Gemology is the science of the study of gems and precious metals. Don’t think that this career involves you spending all your time in the laboratory; it offers innumerable opportunities ranging from working in a diamond mine to owning your own gems brand.

News Presenter/Anchor

Career of a news anchor is very challenging yet quite interesting. You will have the most important job of all to inform the public of the latest happenings in and around the country. Confidence and a likeable personality can take you far in this field.

Pet Groomers

If you genuinely care for animals, then this is a great career option for you because it won’t even feel like work. You shall not only be providing grooming services but you will also play an important role in the pet’s healthcare by catching potential problems at initial stages.


If you are well-versed in any foreign language, there are many career options in translation that you should consider. You can translate literary texts, or work in subtitling companies that need translations in many different languages; you can also work in government and non-government agencies, universities, training centers and multi-national companies.

Voice and Accent Trainers

The main role is to help individuals to learn proper pronunciation, voice modulation, listening and speaking skills. There are many openings for voice and accent trainers in leading BPO’s and call centres across the country.

Wedding Planners

If you have a flair for planning events and are super organized then you should try your hand at wedding planning. Not only is it interesting and fun but you also get to help young couples create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Wildlife Photographer

Do you love nature? If you like taking walks in the forest, birdwatching, hiking across the woods, and are a complete adrenaline junkie, then you should consider becoming a wildlife photographer. One thing is for sure, you will never have a dull working day.

Celebrity Managers

Your responsibility will be to represent, develop and promote your artist’s or celebrity’s careers. It is quite exciting because you will get to meet many famous celebrities and attend glamorous parties but it is also quite challenging at the same time so you need to give your 100% to succeed.

Alternative Medicine/Therapy

Practitioners of alternative medicine use methods of healing not normally used by the traditional Western healthcare establishment, which can range from therapeutic massage and acupuncture to homeopathy and herbalism.

Oceanography & Marine

You will be able to care for oceans and coastal waters, valuable natural resources, by studying water, sea life, weather and climates. This option is great for you if you have excellent computer skills because you will need to catalog, analyze and research data.

Tour Guides

This is great for people with great communication skills. You will be able to help tourists understand the local culture better and also give them a better understanding of the history. You also get opportunities to interact with interesting individuals from different countries.


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