If the conventional careers do not appeal to you then you need to look for something that is a bit different, something that is uncommon. While it is all okay to follow the crowd, some are born to walk a different path. Here we put together a list of new-age careers that pay well and are very unlike the normal 9-5 jobs that you may have heard of before.

Cyber Forensics Analyst

Computer forensics analysts collect information from digital devices as part of legal investigations. These analysts usually hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science and have some knowledge about criminal justice. Cybercrime is increasing every day which is why it is not surprising that cyber forensic analysts have become so popular.

They recover data like documents, photos and e-mails from computer hard drives and other data storage devices, such as zip and flash drives, that have been deleted, damaged or otherwise manipulated. Then they transfer the evidence into a format that can be used for legal purposes and often testify in court themselves.

Social Influencer

There are a lot of advantages of being a social media guru with a larger-than-average network of followers. Big brands will reach out to you and will want to work with you and harness your ability to engage with their consumers. If you are considering a career in influencer marketing, you will have to be familiar with the most important social media platforms. Social influencers can be paid per campaign or on a post-by-post basis.

App Designer or Developer

We all use apps on a daily basis and there are some things that we can’t do online without the help of certain apps. Many app designers and developers have earned in millions from just one app that has become popular among people around the world. If you have a knack for creating addictive and interesting apps then you can think about a career in this field.

You will need to possess software development skills and knowledge. One cool thing about app developers is that they can work anywhere. All you need is access to a good internet connection and a good SDK.

Stand-up Comedian

It seems unlikely that you can earn money by making people laugh but it is true. In India, there are quite a few stand-up comedians who are making decent money for shows. If you have a knack for making people laugh and you have been told that you have a great sense of humor then you can try making a name in this field. Of course, it won’t be an easy task but if you keep at it then you are bound to make the cut.

Wedding Photographer

It may sound like an easy task but it is actually quite a difficult job. You need to know how to take candid shots and which moments to capture. You don’t necessarily have to do a course but you will need to practice, practice and practice.

You will spend a lot of time editing pictures in computer applications such as Adobe Photoshop. Some qualities that a wedding photographer should possess are a strong communication and people skills, and the capacity to meet deadlines.

Life Coach

Life coaching is a type of coaching or counseling, that can be used to help people who are in major transition phases in their lives. It is ideal to have a degree in counseling if you aim to choose this career path.

There are certain traits that an individual should possess in order to be a life coaching career. They should be energetic, inspirational, motivational, and organizational. Excellent listening and communication skills are also a must.

Image Consultant

The role of an image consultant is training individuals in developing and building social skills, proper body language, dressing etiquette and the like, in order to maintain a flawless public image. You can work for well-known celebrities.

There are no standard education requirements to become an image consultant, but training programs are available in image consulting, marketing or public relations. Before working as an image consultant, you should first gain experience working with a public relations or fashion marketing firm to understand how image affects the overall branding of a client.


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