Different students choose law as their career path for different reasons, some want crime to pay, others want to give the accused a fair trial while a few simply enjoy finding ‘loopholes’ in the system. No matter what your reasons may be, it remains a well-known fact that law is a very popular choice among students in India. It is quite interesting to note that earlier students could only specialise in either civil or criminal laws but nowadays, they are provided with many more options such as patent laws, corporate laws, etc. You may think that a degree in law only opens up one career option – practicing as a lawyer in court but that is not so, there are many different job opportunities in other sectors such as corporate management, legal services and administrative services.


Fees for pursuing law is not cheap, you may have to shell out anywhere between R 2 lakhs to R 6 lakhs depending on the institution.


Once you are a law graduate, there will be many opportunities that you can opt for depending on your interests –

  1. Advocate
  2. Solicitor General
  3. Public Prosecutor
  4. Legal Adviser
  5. Judge (After clearing the exams

conducted by Public Service


  1. Law Professor
  2. Criminal Lawyer
  3. Civil Litigation Lawyer
  4. Legal Analyst
  5. Document Drafting Lawyer
  6. Legal Journalist
  7. Government Lawyer


A lawyer who starts practicing in court can get a stipend between R 5000 to R 40,000 depending upon the advocate he/she is associated with. On the other hand, a law graduate working with Legal Process Outsourcing can be offered pay packages within the range of R 20,000 and R 50,000. Your salary is very much dependent on your efficiency and success rate, the better you perform, the higher your pay package.

The road to success in law is not easy, you have to be able to work hard and remain patient. Good communication skills and logical skills go a long way. You also need to be articulate so that you can put your point across. It is advisable to train under a Senior Counsel when you are starting out because you will need someone with experience to show you the ropes. Experience is key, therefore use every opportunity to learn and polish your skills.

It is advisable to train under a Senior Counsel when you are starting out because you will need someone with experience to show you the ropes.


Bachelor’s Degree – 50% in 10+2

Masters Degree – 50% in graduation

Students also need to clear entrance exams conducted by different law schools.


BA Bachelor’s Degree in Law – 5 years (after 12+2)

Bachelor’s Degree in Law – 3 years (after graduation)

Masters of Law – 2 years


BEST Institutes

NALSAR (National Academy of Legal Studies & Research University) Hyderbad

NLSIU (National Law School of India University), Bangalore

Campus Law Centre, Delhi University

The WB National University of Juridical Studies, Kolkata


Reality Byte

Everybody knows law regulates the day to day life of every human being living in a civilized society. A career in law gives you the once in lifetime opportunity to be the part of that driving force. It will intellectually challenge you and in the process, will mould a better person out of you. Monetarily, it provides ample opportunities to earn and live a decent life. And the best part is that it will give you respect and high status in the society you exist. More or less it is an intellectual career and hence one has to be focused towards his goals. “The field of law is a highway which cannot be travelled in a lifetime, yet each mile you cover will curve a better person out of you.” One has to study sincerely, only then it will be easier for him/her to solve the complexities of legal tangles during his/her practice life. You will have to do lots of research into various topics during law studies, yet that research will prove to be the most valuable asset in your professional life. Hard work has no alternatives and is applicable in each and every sphere of life, in the field of law too, hard work pays handsomely. At times, studying law may confuse you with various complexities that it puts before you, but then it will also guide you to the solution of these complexities. Such is the beauty of studying law as a career.

Dhruba Jyoti Kapil, Lawyer, Guwahati



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