Jamie Vardy is a 28-year-old footballer who plays for the Bar­clay’s Premier League winning side Leicester City. Unlike other footbal­lers, his story is quite different as he started his journey from the very bottom. Born to middle class family in Sheffield, England on 11th January 1987, his dad was a crane driver and mom, a legal secretary.

Jamie, who spent his childhood playing football in the neighbour­hoods of Sheffield, joined the youth side of the local club Sheffield Wednesday. But in 2003, 16-year-old Vardy faced the biggest setback of his life as he was denied by the club to play for the senior side and was released with the reason – ’you are too young’.

This forced him to take a short break from the game, during which Vardy studied sports science in Rotherham College, but due to some cause, he couldn’t complete his course and ended up working in a carbon fibre factory. Even then the ‘Beautiful Game’ never faded from his life, maybe because destiny had planned something else for him.

Vardy returned to football with Stockbridge Park Steels, a club which plays in the 8th tier of English football. There he use to earn some­where around £30/week. He played 3 seasons with the club and scored a whooping total of 66 goals. He was then picked up by the Haliflex FC, where he played for a season scoring 29 goals, thus becoming the highest goal scorer for the club.

Fleetwood FC, signed him for the next season for 150,000 pounds where he earned a weekly wage of £850. From then, there was no look­ing back for him. In 2012, Leicester City paid Fleetwood £ 1 million for Vardy, a record transfer amount for a “Non League Player”.

Eventually Vardy was handed a five year deal worth £45,000 a week, and a staggering £2.25 million in yearly wages in just four years. And the whole world knows what hap­pened next on the pitch!

Once a rejected player, Vardy is now the Guinness world record hold­er for consecutive premier league goals, after scoring in 11 consecutive games thus breaking the 12-year-old record of the former Manchester United striker Ruud Vann Nisteloory.

Though his story may look like one of effortless progression, in reality, his story is of hard work and the constant battle against narrow minded people who don’t believe that ‘some one’s ability and skill can change the fate of mankind’.


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