The hospitality industry is presently booming across the country and therefore many young students are opting for courses in hotel management. It can be seen that more and more hotels are opening up in different parts of the country which means plenty of job opportunities for trained hotel management professionals. Jobs in the hospitality industry are not only glamorous but they also come with hefty pay packages. However, they are quite challenging and so it is best suited for students who can keep their cool under all circumstances.


The fees will differ in different hotel management colleges. It costs around R 3,50,000 for the three year graduate course at Garden City College in Bangalore. A graduate course at IHM Chennai can cost R 37,500 per semester. Top notch hotel management institutes are expensive and if you are not comfortable with shelling out so much cash then you can opt for diploma courses which cost less.


There are many exciting job opportunities that hotel management graduates can choose from. You should make a point to pick one that you are most comfortable with –

  1. Front Office Manager
  2. Food and Beverage Manager
  3. Banquets Manager
  4. Human Resources and Secretary
  5. Air Hostess and Flight Stewards
  6. Assistant Restaurant Manager
  7. Restaurant Manager
  8. Bar Manager
  9. House Keeping Manager
  10. Hotel Administration
  11. Dietician
  12. Travel & Tourism Management
  13. General Managers
  14. Resident Managers
  15. Executive Housekeepers
  16. Convention Services Managers


Pay packages for hotel management professionals vary depending on the skills, work experience and the ability to handle tough situations. Students with a diploma usually get salaries between R 8,000 to 10,000 to start with. Your chances at better pay packages improve when you pass out from recognized institutes; expect a starting salary of R 20,000 or more. Try and apply for jobs at one of the large hotel chains because they offer better remuneration.

If you have set your mind on pursuing hotel management, be prepared to work in various job profiles because more often than not, you will be asked to handle different departments depending on the need of the hour. There are many positive aspects to working in the hospitality sector but likewise there are downsides as well like long working hours, pressure, hectic timings and the like. But even though it can get challenging at times, it is also a very fulfilling career where you can easily work your way to the top.


Bachelors Degree – 50% in 10+2

Diploma – 40% in 10th Class

Post Graduation Management Programme – 45% in graduation

BEST Institutes

Oberoi Centre of Learning & Development, Delhi

Institute of Hotel Management, IHM Mumbai

Welcome Group Graduate School of Hotel Administration, WGSHA, Manipal

Christ College, Bangalore

CT Group of Institution, Punjab

Reality Byte

Hotel management is the cardinal part of the hospitability industry. Hotel management professionals need to be patient and have the ability to stay calm, because at one point or another, you will face a taxing situation which you will need to handle with dignity and grace. I admit there are various flipsides of working in the hotel industry; long working hours, rude responses from customers etc are some of the major drawbacks. Hotel management has its own positives and negatives, and so you need to be passionate about the field to really enjoy what you do.

Dhurbo Banerjee, Hotel Management Professional, Kolkata


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