Graphic Design deals with creating visual designs with the help of a computer to convey some message to the viewers. Graphic designers have knowledge about lay outing, typography, diagramming, drawing and lettering among other things. They have a knack of creating visually appealing designs that attracts viewers. Most graphic designers are also skilled in photography, imagery, colours, textures, patterns, and more. Students interested in this field must possess plenty of creativity and imagination. You can only succeed as a graphic designer if you can create something that is new and striking.


Fees would depend on the institute where you enrol but generally it should cost somewhere around R 10,000 – R 50,000. Always keep in mind to pursue designing courses from reputed institutes because they would prove to be more useful when you start looking for a job.


After you complete a course in graphic design, you will be able to choose from the following career options –

  1. Creative/Art Director
  2. Layout Artist
  3. Brand Identity Designer
  4. Logo Designer
  5. Illustrator
  6. Technical Illustrator
  7. Photo Editing/Photoshop Artist
  8. Multimedia Designer
  9. Photographer
  10. Prepress Technician
  11. Web Designer


Starting salary for graphic designers can be anywhere around R 10,000 to R 20,000. Well established design firms tend to pay more than other organizations. If you do not want to work for an advertising company then you can always apply for jobs with recognized media houses. Alternatively, you may even choose to work on a freelance basis; if you have a loyal base of clients then you can earn quite a lot by working from home.

In order to become a successful graphic designer, you need to have an eye for detail; you should be able to see things differently. This will help you make designs that will capture the viewer’s attention. You also need to have great marketing and interpersonal skills which will come in handy while dealing with difficult clients. You must also be prepared to adjust designs as per the client’s needs and requirements as you need to ensure that your client is 100% satisfied with your designs. Hours may be hectic and deadlines can be overbearing but even then, graphic designing is a promising field for students with an artistic bent.

Reality Bytes

Graphic designing is not for everyone, you need to have inherent skills and qualities to really succeed in this field. A diploma or degree is not enough, you need to have an eye for detail and tons of creativity because only then you will make a good graphic designer. You cannot succeed in this field if you work half-heartedly. I love how my job allows me to transform something boring into something that is appealing. It is also interesting that every assignment is like a new challenge. There is a lot of scope for graphic designers in metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai etc. In the Northeast, graphic designing and graphic designers are still underrated, however things are taking a turn for the better and maybe in the coming couple of years, more job opportunities will open up.

Rupam Kalita, Graphic Designer, Guwahati

I am currently pursuing graphic designing and it is exciting to learn about the different kinds of software that can help you design everything from advertisements to brochures to flyers to magazines. However I have come to realize that designing is something that needs to come from within, you either have it or you don’t. Learning the software is not enough, you need to have an inborn sense of design and only then you will be able to excel.

Piyush Bora, Student, Delhi


BEST Institutes

National Institute of Design, NID, Gujrat

Institute of Multimedia Arts & Graphic Effects, Andhra Pradesh

South Delhi Polytechnic for Women, New Delhi

LISAA School of Design, Bangalore


Diploma and Courses: Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts


Advance Diploma in Graphics, Web Designing & Animation – 1 year

Diploma In Graphics Designing – 6 months

Certificate in Desk Top Publishing – 3 months

Diploma in Desk Top Publishing – 6 months


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