If you look up the description of the word ‘film’ on the internet, this is what will pop up – ‘film is a series of still images which, when shown on a screen, creates the illusion of moving images due to the phi phenomenon’. Pretty boring way to describe something that is so magical right! Films have the ability to make you laugh and/or cry, they can transport you to different worlds or back in time, they can also introduce you to memorable characters who you can relate to and so much more. It is the same case with television serials as well. Can you imagine even one day without turning on the telly to catch up on your favourite shows? That would be a very dull day indeed! As much as they are delight to watch, it is also exhilarating to be part of the filming which is why many youngsters nowadays opt for a career in filmmaking, direction and television.


Fees would vary from institution to institution but it should cost somewhere in the range of R 50,000 to R 1.5 lakhs.


After completing your course in filmmaking, you will have a fair idea about where your strengths lie and then you will be able to decide which of the following roles would suit you the most –

  1. Producer
  2. Associate Producer
  3. Production Manager
  4. Production Assistant
  5. Postproduction Supervisor
  6. Line Producer
  7. Director
  8. Assistant Director / First Assistant Director
  9. Location Manager
  10. Art Director
  11. Set Designer
  12. Cinematographer / Director of Photography
  13. Camera Operator
  14. Dolly Grip
  15. Key Grip
  16. Gaffer
  17. Best Boy
  18. Production Sound Mixer
  19. Boom Operator
  20. Foley Artist
  21. Editor


Your pay would depend on the projects you work on and the position you are hired for. If you work for big banner films then you will be paid more as opposed to working in independent movies. You can expect a starting salary of near about R 15,000 – R 20,000 every month. You can also work freelance, then your pay would depend on the number of projects you get. New TV actors can earn anywhere between R 2,000 – R 10,000, while experienced ones can expect pay packages in the range of R 10,000 – R 2 lakh per episode. Stage actors can get around R 1,000 – R 10,000 depending on the show and the production house.

If you want to make it big in the field of filmmaking, direction and television then you need to possess qualities like passion, motivation, focus, sensitivity, self discipline, patience and determination. It is not going to be an easy path but you can be rest assured that it will a fun and unforgettable ride. This is a great career path for creative souls who are simply not meant for dull and boring 9-5 jobs.


  • Film Making Course – 6-12 months
  • Script Writing Course – 6 months
  • Film Direction Course – 6-12 months
  • Cinematography Course – 10-12 months
  • Editing Course – 6-12 months
  • Sound Recording & Engineering Course: 10-12 months
  • Acting Course – 3-6 months
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Direction – 3 years
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Cinematography – 3 years
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Sound Recording and Sound Design – 3 years
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Editing – 3 years
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Acting – 2 years
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Art Direction and Production Design – 3 years
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Feature Film Screenplay Writing – 2 years
  • Post Graduate Certificate Course in TV Direction – 1 year
  • Post Graduate Certificate Course in Electronic Cinematography – 1 year
  • Post Graduate Certificate Course in Video Editing – 1 year
  • Post Graduate Certificate Course in Sound Recording and TV Engineering – 1 year
  • Bachelor’s In Filmmaking – 3 years
  • Masters in Film and Media – 2 years

Best Institutes

  • Film and Television Institute of India, (FTII) Pune
  • Satyajit Ray Films & Television Institute, Kolkata
  • Centre for Research and Art in Films & Television, (CRAFT) Delhi


  • 50% in graduation level will make you eligible for most courses and diplomas in filmmaking, directing and television.

Reality Byte

With the number of mediums, creative outlets and platforms available today, this generation needs to actively pursue filmmaking as a career. It’s hard work, fun, very rewarding and a great agent of responsible change in society.

Ruella Rehman Khound, Filmmaker, Guwahati



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