Teaching is a very meaningful profession which is why many students from the Northeast prefer to pursue a career in education. It is great for those who want to give back to the society, what better way to add to the society than to teach good values to the young. Teachers are respected within the society because they impart basic yet necessary information that every child needs in order to lead a meaningful life. In today’s world, there is huge demand for good teachers because children are being highly influenced by the television and the internet, and they need responsible and able guides and mentors. In order to become a good teacher, one needs to be dedicated and patient. You need to have your basics right so that you can guide your students well. After completing your degree, you can opt to work in a government school or you can apply for jobs in private institutions, the choice is up to you.


Getting a degree can cost you around R 10,000 to R 30,000. But be sure to do some research before signing up because some universities offer the same course at much reduced rates.


Jobs opportunities are plenty for you can work as –

  1. Chief Executive of Top-tier Universities
  2. Academic Dean
  3. Professors for Health and Allied Health Specializations
  4. Registrar and Financial Aid Counselors
  5. Superintendent of Schools
  6. School Principals
  7. Assistant Principal
  8. Curriculum Developers
  9. Librarians
  10. Media Specialists
  11. Special Education Teachers
  12. School Counselors
  13. Speech Pathologists Speech Language Pathologists
  14. Training and Development Coordinators
  15. Education Administrator, Preschools and Childcare Centers
  16. Teacher Assistants
  17. Curators and Archivists


If you get placed in government-owned schools and colleges, then there is nothing quite like it. Starting salary package can be anywhere between R 20,000 to R 25,000 depending on the class you are hired to teach. Teachers get starting salary of near about R 15,000+ in private schools. Teachers in colleges earn more, the pay package can be close to R 40,000 but that would depend on educational qualification and experience.

The field of education is a great choice for students who love sharing information and knowledge with others. It also offers pleasant working hours; since most schools and colleges do not operate after noon, it gives you plenty of time to pursue hobbies or tend to family matters. Also, if you feel that you do not want to teach conventional subjects, you can always teach subjects like Physical Education, Yoga, Art and Craft etc. Teaching is a very enjoyable career choice because you get the chance to exchange ideas with enthusiastic and curious learners, and so you can be rest assured that there will never be a dull day at work.


  • Bachelor of Education – 2 years

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) course is mandatory for those who want to teach in higher primary schools and high schools. Those who want to pursue B.Ed should have a bachelor’s degree in arts or science.

  • Master in Education – 2 years

Students can pursue Master in Education (M.Ed.) in Indian universities after they have completed their B.Ed.

  • Bachelor of Elementary Education – 4 years

B.El.Ed. is a professional degree programme of Elementary Teacher Education offered after the senior secondary (class XII) stage of school. Conceptualized by the Maulana Azad Centre for Elementary and Social Education (MACESE) of the Department of Education, University of Delhi, it is designed to integrate the study of subject knowledge, human development, pedagogical knowledge and communication skills.

  • Diploma in Education – 1-2 years

This course is meant for teaching in primary and nursery schools in India. You need to pass in pre-university course to be eligible.


The Right of Free and Compulsory Education for Children (RTE Act-2009) emphasizes on quality education for every child. Therefore to improve the quality in education, the quality of teachers is also quite crucial and so the entry level percentage to B. Ed has been fixed at 45% for Scheduled Cast and Scheduled Tribes and 50% for general.

BEST Institutes

  • K.J. Somaiya Comprehensive College of Education, Training and Research, Mumbai
  • Lady Irwin College, Delhi
  • CT Group of Institution, Jalandar, Punjab

Reality Bytes

Teaching as a profession is an instant soul-satisfying potion. It not only gives you a chance to mould the students into future citizens but also gives you a chance to feel their unconditional love seeping into your being.

Aradhana Borah, Teacher, Guwahati

I feel that pursuing a distance learning course is a great option for those who have time constraints. Since you do not have to attend classes, you can learn all the basics without leaving home. However, make no mistake, it is quite a lengthy course and exams are tough. One great thing about pursuing B.Ed is that it helps you pick up valuable tips and skills that come to your aid when you are hired as a teacher.

Anjali Biswas, Student, Darjeeling



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