More and more youngsters in the country and the region are embarking on solo trips to find themselves. While a few can afford to travel in luxury, it is not a possibility for a lot of students who tend to live on a strict budget. But keep in mind that you don’t always need a lot of money to explore new destinations. Here are some places in the region where you can have a great time without having to burn a hole in your wallet.


Honestly, this little town in Arunachal Pradesh is a sight to behold. It is not commercialized at all so you can enjoy taking walks across the villages and clicking pictures of the stunning fields. The best time to visit this quaint town is during the Ziro Festival of Music which is held annually around the month of September. That way, you can not only enjoy watching some of the best artistes in India perform but you can also enjoy all that the town has to offer. The best part about visiting during festival time is that you can opt for camping and save money. This town is generally great for backpackers as you can find amazing homestays for really cheap. But since it is a small town, you may not find many ATMs so we suggest you carry enough cash for the entire trip.


If you are looking to take a spiritual trip then you should definitely look up Majuli. This river island may not be the best option for adventure seekers but if you are looking to relax and do some thinking then you cannot go wrong with Majuli. There are many guesthouses that are quite reasonable where you can put up for the duration of your trip. Alternatively you can also choose to stay at a satra; this would be ideal for those who want to find their inner self. Be sure to check out the different satras while you are there and bring back masks as souvenirs. Do not visit during the rainy season as it tends to get flooded.


We all know about Mawlynnong and Cherrapunji but there are only a few people who know about this underrated destination in Meghalaya. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind camping experience then this is the place to go. Located uphill of the Umngot River, you need to take a boat to reach the campsite. If you are an adventure junkie then you will love all the activities that they offer including ziplining, kayaking, snorkelling and cliff jumping. You can enjoy bonfires in the evening when it gets a little chilly. Be sure to carry snacks for the late night hunger pangs. The best time to visit Shnongpdeng is from January to April.


If you want to go somewhere that has amazing views then Zuluk is the destination that you should consider. It is located about 4 hours away from Gangtok. Be sure to visit the Thambi View Point and don’t forget to take your camera along. If you are travelling during the winter months then you will be able to indulge in snow ball fights and if you are visiting in summer then you will be left mesmerized by the blooming rhododendron. There are not too many options when it comes to accommodation but there are a few good homestays where you can stay.


This is the perfect destination for those who want to travel in a big group. The trek is not the easiest one so you will need your friends to get you through the tough moments. In the summer, you will be greeted with colourful flowers and magnificent views. After your trek, you will need to get rest so you need to book at room at the guest house. If you want privacy then you may chose a VIP room. The guest house management will help you with firewood to cook food but you will have to carry your own raw materials. Carry instant noodles and loads of snacks unless you want to spend a lot of time cooking meals.


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