If you think out-of-the-box, then you should consider a career in the field of animation and gaming. Give free rein to your imagination to create quirky yet lovable characters, fairy tale-like landscapes and exciting plotlines that can be as far removed from reality as you want. If you see yourself mainly as a ‘storyteller’ then you should go for animation else, you should consider the thrilling and exciting field of gaming. Game development has become popular as a viable career path in India in the last couple of years. Now, you may be wondering who is a game developer? Game developers design, create and develop games that can be played on the latest user-friendly gadgets. This is a great option for avid gamers who love every aspect of gaming.

In order to succeed in the field of animation or gaming, you ought to be good in sketching and drawing because that will help you create fascinating fictional worlds and characters according to your client’s need and requirements. You don’t specifically need a degree in Fine Arts to pursue gaming or animation, but you do need talent and passion along with lots of hard work to succeed in this field.


Fees would vary from institution to institution, but generally it costs around R 50,000 to R 2,00,000.


Animation, unlike popular belief, offers plenty of job opportunities. You can choose to be –

  1. In-between Animator
  2. Modeller
  3. Background Artist
  4. Layout Artist
  5. Story Broad Artist
  6. Clean- up Artist
  7. Scanner Operator
  8. Compositor
  9. Character Animator

In the field of gaming, there are many interesting career options that you can choose from –

  1. Concept Artist
  2. Animator
  3. Special Effects Artist
  4. User Interface Designer
  5. Sound Designer
  6. Environmental Artist
  7. Level Designer
  8. Lighting and Texturing Artist
  9. Rigger


Most animators new in the field join animation or production houses junior animators. The starting pay package can be anywhere between R 10,000 to R 15,000 per month. If you show potential and get promoted to the post of a senior animator, then you can earn around R 30,000 to R 40,000 monthly. There are many skilled senior animators who earn close to R 55,000 every month.

Starting salary of a game developer can be anywhere between R 1,00,000 to R 2,00,000 per annum. Once you gain enough experience, you can also choose to open your very own game studio where you can be you own boss.

A career in the field of animation and gaming is fun and challenging at the same time. It is a good idea to have a clear understanding of human, bird and animal expressions and movement, as this will help you create life-like characters that are sure to win over your clients. You should also have a flair for using colours because you will be faced with the task of creating enchanting backdrops. There is a huge demand for skilled animators and game developers both in India and abroad which is why more and more students are opting for courses in animation and gaming.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Animation – 3 years
  • Diploma in Multimedia & Animation – 6-18 months
  • PG Diploma in Game Design – 1 year
  • PG Diploma in Game Development – 1 year


Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree – 45% in 10+2

BEST Institutes

ICAT Design & Media College, Chennai

International Gaming Institute and Animation College, Pune

Asian Institute of Gaming & Animation (AIGA), Bangalore

Reality Byte

My decision to study animation was easy because I have always loved everything about this field. I am very restless and so I needed to pursue a line that could keep me engaged and animation does that for me. I admit that I still have a long way to go in this field but it is great learning how to bring characters to life on screen. Since I have always like doodling and drawing, I find it easy to think and create interesting characters. I am also learning all about visualization, lighting and camera techniques, motion graphics and more. It is a good course for students who are passionate about the field because then everything seems fun and easy.

Suraj Phukan, Student, Guwahati


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