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A Conversation with PRANISHA CHETTRI

Born to Chandra Bahadur Chettri and Mon Kumari Chettri, Pranisha Chettri is the 2015 Class XII topper from Sikkim. A determined and hard-working girl from Pakyong East Sikkim, she is now as an inspiration to countless youth across the Northeast.

Pranisha Chettri

It must have been a proud moment for you when you heard that, among thousands of AISSCE students who appeared for 2015 boards in Sikkim, yours was the name on top. How did you feel when you became aware of this news for the first time?

Pranisha: I was overwhelmed; I could not believe it. Hundreds of messages, calls, and regards made me overcome with emotions. I thanked God, my parents, teachers, friends and all my well wishers who sacrificed their valuable time in making my day. It took me days to return back to normal, I still get goosebumps when I recall those moments.

‘Hard work is the key to success.’ Even you must have gone through a lot of challenges and you must have sacrificed many things like your sleep, mobile phone, Facebook, Whatsapp and every other kind of distraction. How hard was that for you to do? How determined were you?

“Hard work beats all talents” is indeed true. Life is never a smooth runway. Obstacles and challenges come side by side. These are actually the real bricks in building a strong and successful pillar. I always took these things in a positive way; even now devotion and sacrifice are vital. There is no escaping it. It was really difficult for me to sacrifice all these worldly distractions. But my strong will power and determination made it easy. I had always been a good student so I was determined to give my best. The trust and expectations of my parents and the guidance from my teachers made me stronger. It encouraged me to work harder.

We just talked about hard work previously. However, there are students who sacrifice everything, devote 12 hours a days in their studies and despite of that, they don’t succeed. How unique was your preparation? Did you join any coaching, or did you try self-smart study?

Everyone works hard but it depends on how you do it. Being a book worm and studying for 24 hours doesn’t make sense. Things should be done in the right way and at the right time. I used to make a routine and stick to it strictly. It helped me monitor myself. I used to revise the same topics frequently as revisions help in memory consolidation. I made myself study smartly. Also, my teachers and my friends were always there to help whenever I had any doubt.

What help did you get from Sikkim Government for your further studies? What made you decide to go to Raipur?

I just appeared for Sikkim CET exam and through that I got the seat as any other students who scored goods marks would get. As State topper, I did not get any sort of exclusive facilities. I chose Raipur when I was in centre pool.

Are you satisfied with Government’s support you got?

I received congratulation letters from Government of Sikkim and Union Education Minister. Frankly speaking, I was expecting a lot from the Sikkim Government when I was declared the State topper. I had thought that they would reach out and help me but I had to struggle like any other student to get the seat which was quite disheartening. But I am lucky enough that I am getting good support from Dhirubhai Ambani for my efforts.

What is your message for the juniors who will be appearing for such examinations in future?

There’s a saying “If you can imagine , U can create…” If you can dream u can achieve. It has been inspiring me from years. The man who wins is the one who believes he can. So live your dreams and work on it. Always monitor your inner self and trust God for he helps those who help themselves.

Love the work you do and you will never be tired. Stay positive and work smartly. Pour out all your strength to get what you like, let nature be forced to work in your favour. Obstacles and failure are the source of inspiration, accept it and use it for your benefit. Never let it disappoint you. Don’t give yourself negative suggestions. They can both influence your conscious and subconscious mind. Feed your mind with positive statements which will translate into reality.


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